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Carbon Copy Spaceframe by Han Koning awesome contemporary spatial object


Carbon Copy Spaceframe S
by Han Koning.
Delivery Time: 3 to 4 weeks

SpaceFrame CarbonCopy is a carbon fibre object constructed in a framed space. Once released its now tight lines start a relation with their new habitat and act as a conversation piece in your home or office. SpaceFrame CC is available in three sizes and although all CarbonCopies are equally enticing, not two are identical. To make your CC-S or M stand out even more, you can add the construction frame and a sturdy wooden shipping crate to your order. CC-L comes in a shipping crate as standard; the construction frame is also an option here. SpaceFrame CC-L can be equipped with light fixtures of your choice to make it suitable as ambient or task lighting.

Lead time 3 to 4 weeks
The crate is available as an option of €100,-

Please contact for more information.