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Concrete object Van Vels by WDSTCK

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Very nice solid concrete object. Use it as a displaypiece, fruitbasket or a real cool object to put your keys in ;)

The use of concrete as material for tableware is surprisingly unusual. Such a surprise reflects the contradictor y characteristics of the Van Vels.
Concrete, often defined as a heavy and cold material, actually feels warm and soft. The geometrical basis stands in stark contrast with the casually placed, organically round form of the inlays. Nature versus science also appears in the dimensions of the design.

The chosen measurements refer to the Fibonacci sequence; a sequence of numbers that appear unexpectedly often. This mathematical principal has
something mystical to it; it appears in biological settings. The branching in trees, arrangement of leaves on a stem, and an uncurling fern all follow the Fibonacci numbers.

The Belgian Stal Collective is a collaboration formed by four designers through friendship and mutual interest.
Their raw yet sophisticated designs emphasizes the collective’s timeless and honest ambition.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small: 30x30 cm
Large: 45x45 cm

Shipping? Ask for a quote! They are really heavy ;)