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Eames Childs Chair Red Vitra Childrens Furniture

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Charles & Ray Eames
Child’s Chair
Designed 1945
Plywood with red analine dye finish
Limited Re-edition by Vitra

For a very brief time during the late 1940s, Charles & Ray Eames designed a group of children’s furniture. The set included a chair, stool, and table, produced with a new technique – molded plywood.

Evans Products, who was already tasked by the Eames Office to produce molded plywood objects, was grappling with the inevitable transition from wartime production (Leg Splints for the war effort) to peacetime production (home furnishings) and Eames cleverly designed this suite of furniture with that in mind.

Created using a single piece of molded plywood, the Eames Office used their creative architectural and engineering skills to shape the negative spaces of the legs/feet, keeping in mind the structural integrity of the seat to conform to a child’s size and weight.

The children’s furniture came in a variety of kid-friendly colors too (red, blue, green, magenta, and yellow), all aniline-dyed into the Birch wood. True to the Eames Office spirit and creativity – known for their whimsical nature – the chair was equipped with a finger hole cut in the shape of a heart designed for easy moving. This was the first time this romantic symbol was used by Charles & Ray Eames – only later to be seen in several of their graphics, drawings, and most of their personal letters and famous Christmas cards.

This beautiful piece is part of our private collection.